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Ai Networks offers a variety of leased line Internet access solutions to suit your business needs, from all-fibre leased lines to DSL-based leased line broadband Internet connections. We offer cost-effective, professional-grade connections to businesses of all sizes, backed by our unparalleled customer service and technical support teams.

Why choose a Dedicated Fibre leased line?

With Ai Networks, your dedicated fibre leased line can also provide a fast, reliable Internet connection for your business. In fact, it’s the best business Internet access option available today. A fibre leased line can provide an ultra-low-latency, symmetrical connection at very high speeds. Leased line advantages include:

  • Faster - more data can be transmitted at a faster rate than copper cables
  • More Resilient - fibre cables are stronger and more reliable than copper
  • Future-proof - fibre leased line speed can often be easily increased, growing with your business needs

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Leased line alternatives

If a dedicated fibre leased line isn't the right option for you, Ai Networks provide a range of fast leased line broadband alternatives and can help you determine the best option for your company. These include:


Our fibre to the cabinet products provide a high-speed 80/20 connection: ideal as a replacement business leased line service for organisations who have outgrown ADSL connections.

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EFM bonded ADSL connections offer high-speed, symmetrical connections where a fibre leased line is unavailable or impractical – at up to 20 Mb/s speeds.

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