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Why does my office need a leased line?

Why does my office need a leased line? Image by Ai Networks

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’re wondering why your company needs a leased line in its office. And that’s a very good question, as it seems like many businesses survive with just a standard DSL connection. However, a leased line network offers your business many benefits that you may not be aware of. If your business is needs any of the enhanced capabilities listed below, you might want to see what type of leased line is right for your business.

Reasons Your Business Needs a Leased Line

Data Transfers

With companies needing to send larger and larger files today, a reliable delivery method is an essential element of a business leased line. Data transfers can include transfers to the cloud, to other branch offices, or to remote data centres for storage. One of the benefits of working with Ai Networks is that our team not only provides constant monitoring of your connection, but they are also able to tell when you need an upgrade, be it through a different type of connection, a more reliable connection, or one that can support more data overall.


The cornerstone of any business is securing their information. A business leased line does just that: it provides a secure connection for the needs of the organisation, no matter what those needs are. By investing in a leased line for your business, you’re creating a devoted connection for your company, whether it’s in one office or throughout multiple locations. With your organisation being the only one on this line, you can worry less about transmission speeds slowing down at peak times or interference caused by sources outside your company. Leased lines also provide more security from online criminals. While no system is completely hacker-proof, leased lines, especially those supported by fibre optic cables, are much more secure than standard DSL connections. To ease your concerns, Ai Networks monitors all of its connections 24/7, to ensure that they’re optimised for your needs and always secure.


With more and more staff working from remote locations, and more companies having local branch offices instead of just one central building, it’s hard to find one way to connect everybody at once so that they are all working together on the same wavelength. MPLS, or Multi-Protocol Label Switching, allows you to build either a leased line network or a virtual private network between multiple network points, including data centres, branch offices, or employees who are working remotely. With these tools, your company will never be disconnected again.

Voice and Video Services

Many companies will have an old ISDN line, being used for everything related to telecommunications, such as phone calls, video calls, and any other related communications software. However, these are not necessarily private connections, and ISDN as a technology is showing its age. If your company relies highly on communicating with people through video chat or teleconferencing, Ai Networks offers faster, more secure alternatives for a standard VoIP/data network.

The best option is to replace your old ISDN line with SIP Trunking, which is a telecommunications connection built over the Internet, as opposed to over the phone lines like an ISDN. Because it is combined with your leased line network, you no longer have to pay two separate bills for telephony and Internet. Everything is combined into one reliable, cost-effective bundle.

CloudPBX is Ai Networks’ solution to replacing standard telecommunications methods. It primarily replaces your telephone-based communications, including updating switchboards, with easily adjustable extensions, and the ability to add new lines as needed. In fact, our CloudPBX software can support up to 1000 lines if needed.

By making use of the above, Ai Networks’ leased line can cover all your telecommunication needs while keeping setup and installation simple and straightforward.


With most people typically thinking of a connection’s bandwidth as its ‘speed’, latency is often overlooked. If bandwidth is how much data can be transmitted at once, latency is how long that information takes to travel to the server and back again. Having a line with very low latency is vital for VoIP, videoconferencing and for those in the financial sectors. An IP transit service helps keep that latency as low as possible. Of the types of connections that Ai Networks offers, FTTC and EFM offer guaranteed low latency and a dedicated fibre connection offers ultra-low latency. This provides users with consistent speeds for both uploads and downloads, and the ability for information to be sent at the pace needed to keep up with your business.


Another key factor is reliability. If your video conferences are lagging from dropouts, or your VoIP software can’t keep up with the long-distance connectivity, it not only can hurt your business, but it can hurt your relationship with other companies. That’s why when choosing the best connectivity method for your company, you need to select the one that provides the best optimisation for your business. Because leased lines are not overloaded with unwanted traffic, you can send and receive all types of communication at a faster, more reliable rate than you would with a standard DSL connection. Building dedicated lines for your business is about more than just sending emails – it’s about making sure your company is prepared for the next generation of business interaction.

Still wondering if your business is ready for a leased line network?

Every business has their own needs, and while a blog article can extol the overall facts of a business leased line, the truth is that until you fully evaluate your needs, it will be hard to determine what type of leased line is right for you. Ai Networks is one of the top providers of leased lines in London and beyond. We offer an exemplary service around the clock to make sure your connection is always working, always upgraded, and always meeting your needs. To learn more about how Ai Networks can meet your needs, fill out the form at the bottom of the page for more information and an accurate quote.

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