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Why Having a Leased line in London is Critical

Why Having a Leased line in London is Critical  Image by Ai Networks

Every day, more and more companies are switching to leased lines in the UK. Why? There are two main reasons. First, the benefits of leased lines are becoming vital businesses, making it worthwhile for them to make the change. Secondly, with more capable cables being laid underground, they present a more reliable and future-proof connection option. Companies are finding leased line internet connections to be more reliable than standard DSL connections.

Leased lines within or even between cities are making it easier for companies to do business in between regional or distant offices because of the direct connection they provide. There are many elements that can interfere with your connection and therefore slow your business down. It’s therefore worth investing in a reliable mode of connectivity to make sure your business is always up and running.

Why a Leased Line is a Smart Choice for City Connectivity?

To see the positives of upgrading your Internet connection to a leased line, you have to look at all the negatives first. Here’s some of the elements that could impact a standard Internet connection:

  • Weather interference
  • Other companies using your connection
  • Natural interference from animals, people, and transportation

With a leased line, fibre optic cables are laid underground, sometimes right to your office, or sometimes to the curb, depending on the wiring capabilities of your office. But one thing’s for certain: switching to a leased line will eliminate most, if not all, of these disruptions to your internet connection.

Leased lines are revolutionising Internet connections, from increasing speeds to providing more privacy for a company’s data. With the numerous advantages that leased lines offers, what smarter choice is there than to upgrade your company’s Internet connection to a leased line?

Why You Need a Leased Line in London

London is the perfect centre for the leased line revolutuion. For such a large city, many of its businesses are located in very compact areas. That means an overabundance of data transfers, downloads, and communication, on copper wires that barely handle all of those capabilities at once.

Within London, you need a connection that will keep your business running smoothly at all times. London is a business capital of the world, and is overloaded with companies. If your Internet isn’t reliable, what’s to say your product will be?

Businesses in London are also setting up bases around the UK, allowing for remote working, connecting with data centres, and creating larger networks. A leased line can keep these different places working on the same wavelength at all times, and ensure equal speeds so that data needed is transferred at a fast rate. A leased line in London will allow your business to move forward and expand where others are being held up.

What to Look for in a Reliable Leased Line Provider

There are certain qualities to take into consideration when you are considering installing a leased line in London. Every provider may offer the same product, but the services may differ.

  • A customised plan for your business – make sure you know the primary needs of your company before speaking to any provider, and see how well they can meet your needs.
  • Technical Support – look for a company that works to constantly maintain their systems, make upgrades before changes are absolutely necessary, and quickly resolve any technical issues that would otherwise stall your progress
  • Constant availability – if your business runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your leased line provider should be able to support you for those same hours

As one of the top leased line providers in the UK, Ai Networks can advise you and your company as to which connection is best for you. We are always looking for ways to optimise the service that we provide to you. If you are ready to consider a leased line in London, or anywhere else in the UK for that matter, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will provide you with accurate quote the very same day.

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