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Business Leased Lines - Know Your Options

Everything You Need To Know About Purchasing a Leased Line by Ai Networks

If your company is still relying on a DSL or other basic Internet connection, chances are you’ll be suffering from dropped connections, peak-time slowdowns, missing data and even regular outages. That’s why it might be time to look into a business leased line. There are many benefits to business leased lines: faster speeds, dedicated bandwidth and more reliable connections. But not all of these leased line connections are the same, so before you dive in and buy, let’s look at the options that will help your organisation make the best choice. There are three primary types of leased line broadband connections: FTTC, EFM, and Dedicated Fibre. In this article, we will break these three options down and help you identify which one best meets the needs of your business.


FTTC stands for “Fibre to the Cabinet”, meaning 90% of your connection is made up of fibre optic cables that reach to a cabinet at the street level. This leaves only the remaining 10% of the connection into your office completed with standard copper wiring. An FTTC leased line is usually an balanced choice as installing fibre optic cable right into an office can be difficult to install and sometimes isn’t practical.

Why choose FTTC?

  • Downloads at speeds up to 80 Mb/s, and uploads at speeds up to 20 Mb/s
  • Affordable and reliable
  • The combination of copper and fibre optic cables still gives you a secure connection


EFM is a DSL connection that can fill the void of reliable connectivity when fibre optic cables are not an option. It is a symmetrical connection, meaning you get upload and download speeds of the same rate, in this case usually around 20 Mb/s. EFM, or Ethernet First Mile, relies on using multiple copper DSL connections together, rather than a standard ADSL broadband connection. You can still get a devoted business leased line with an Ethernet leased line, and lose none of the privacy or reliability that you would get with a fibre optic connection.

Why choose EFM?

  • Good for video conferencing and uploading large files
  • Variety of speeds available
  • Possible where FTTC and Dedicated Fibre can’t be installed

Dedicated Fibre

A dedicated fibre connection is one that is built with 100% fibre optic cables from end to end. Because of the strength and durability of these cables, this symmetrical connection can bring your business upload and download speeds from 10 Mb/s right up to a whopping 10 Gb/s. Dedicated fibre connections are great for organisations that support a lot of data transfers or want to future-proof their connectivity.

Why choose Dedicated Fibre?

  • Great for large amounts of data
  • Fibre optic cables are more reliable than copper cables
  • Ultra-low latency

Reliable Service

One thing that does not differ between any of these configurations is the service and monitoring that Ai Networks offers you. They will monitor your connection 24/7/365, answer all your questions to help you determine the best type of business leased line for your company, and help with everything that comes along with installation and set-up. If you’re looking for a reliable leased line in London or anywhere across the UK, look no further than Ai Networks.

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